Everything a succesful wedding photographer may need, from A to Z. Inspiration, confidence, amazing photos and tons of new ideas await you - come and be a part of it!!

Budapest, Hungary:

Photoshop Tuning Workshop: 2015. December 12.
Photoshop Tuning Workshop: 2016. March 5.

Bride In Fashion Workshop: 2016. April 8-9.




About our workshops:
Andrea and Aaron V. David - owners and award-winning lead photographer-couple of vdArtphoto International - have developed the ultimate workshop that is career and life changing in every way possible. With relevant international experience and a degree with high honours in photography,  as well as expertise in cinematography, PR, marketing and teaching, they will guide you on the path to take your photography business to the next level. Shoot the images you've always dreamt of, get inspired, and build your reputation client-by-client by communicating, marketing and branding the right way. They will truly help you work your way towards your first (of many) high-end wedding.

Basic outline of our workshops:
Get inspired by an intense, creative photo-session! Shoot in low-light situations for amazing dramatic results! Capture the moment in the moment, and achieve in camera perfection with our A-Z guidance from posing to painting with light. And we are NOT making our settings a secret.

After the photoshoot: get the most out of your images by post processing - softwares, tools, looks, styles and defining NICHE MARKET.
Once you got your images right, we move on to how to sell and communication tools, customer relations, branding, advertising etc.

With our workshop, you will learn and practice skills that are the absolute necessity of becoming a high-end photographer. We won`t just let you shoot photos. We will help you revolutionise your portfolio, and empower you to bring all your future photoshoots to the max.

This is only a rough and basic outline of our workshops, for further information and pricing please feel free to contact Andrea via email: