Exciting moments, intense, emotion-filled movies: that is vdArtphoto cinematography.

We mix the best moments of your wedding into an intense, emotion-filled real wedding movie. Professional DSLR cameras, two cameramen, full HD quality and much more!

What is cinematography exactly? – many of our couples ask this question, since it is quite a new thing in the world of weddings. The simplest answer is „creative video”. However, it means much more than that.

Modern wedding videos are not made with traditional video cameras, but with using the newest DSLR cameras and the special lenses which a few years back were only available in photography. Multiple cameramen and even more camera angles guarantee the unique, true movie feel. All shots are artistically composed, spiced up with exciting angles. The raw footages undergo a very extensive editing phase, that is when THE FILM is made. Yes, with all capitals. In cinematography, we make films which you will watch not once or twice, but at least a hundred times (with your family) during the first month…

If you need something really special and exciting next to your photography coverage, this is what you want! Check out a few of our movies, and feel the atmosphere of all these beautiful, but very different wedding days!

We like creative ideas, new locations, pretty shoes, sunset lights, happy people... and we love taking pictures. We believe that wedding photography is meant for us, to create something truly unique, creative and personal: with you.

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Marcsival és Mátéval szinte hihetetlen, mennyire egy hullámhosszon voltunk az első találkozástól kezdve, és ez a mai napig tart. Éreztük, hogy valami meghatározóan csodálatos dolgot fogunk mi együtt alkotni. És így is lett. Ebben a filmben valahogy egyesül múlt, jelen, jövő; tele van édes romantikával, ugyanakkor egy jó adag vagánysággal is. Mi imádjuk, reméljük ti is!


 Leila and Alex: Leila and Alex travelled from Washington D.C. to have their wedding at the beautiful Budapest. Luckily, life brought us together, and we became their wedding photographers and creative videographers. We knew after the very first phone call that we “really found each-other”. Their wedding photos and their wedding film try to give back the atmosphere of the city, spiced up with a few Lebanese traditions and American elegance.

A wonderful location, far from everything… We did their wedding photos and video at the amazing TB Ranch, along with a totally hyped, party-face kind of wedding party! After the romantic ceremony and the country styled creative photo session, the truly enormous party began and we kept up with them all night long as their photographers and cinematographers!

For a wedding photography and cinematography team it is very important to be on the same page with the couple in everything. With Eszter and Attila, this was like that from the very first moment, so we had a very good connection and feeling throughout the whole wedding day. Amazing locations, our favorite MC and a really dance-loving and full of smiles wedding party made the day even better, and thus made the wedding photos and video even more beautiful!

“Love at first sight!”… we sort of found each other like that at a bridal show. They instantly felt that they want us as their wedding photographers and cinematographers, and we knew right after we first spoke that we really want them to be our couple and to know them better. And that’s what happened – thanks to a sailing photo adventure in Croatia together – and finally we could celebrate with them on the big day. Thanks to our very special connection, we could give them a truly intimate wedding movie and wedding photographs.

As wedding photographers, one of our biggest adventures were taking the creative photos for Laura and Erik in the city of New York. A cool couple deserved some cool locations, so we took photos in Central Park, at the Brooklyn Bridge, at night in the SOHO… and of course we didn’t miss Times Square! And we did a little extra by spicing up their photoshoot with a little bit of cinematography.

The picturesque Castle of Fehérvárcsurgó gave place to Nina and István’s wedding photography and cinematography. Since the couple organized everything for this location, we could take photos and capture video all day without a rush. Plus, we could work together with one of our beloved wedding bands, our favorite decorator and a much loved make-up artist, since the couple really liked the vendors we recommended! The whole wedding reflects the style of the kind, but a bit conservative couple: their wedding film and wedding photos all feature romance and elegance.

Ani and Gyuri trusted us from the bottom of their hearts and gave us total freedom in what kind of wedding photos and creative film we make for them. They did not doubt a thing we imagined, and no matter what we asked them to do, they did it immediately. That’s how they ended up walking among the cars on Chain Bridge at night... in a bridal gown… It was a superb day from the getting ready to the end of the party, and our favorite scene was the ceremony: on top of hotel Sofitel, with the Chain Bridge, the Danube and the Buda Castle in the background… in the sunset! We LOVE it!